Plant Insurance

Nervous that your plant may die in the first year? We understand, shit happens! Whether you went on an unexpected trip and returned to a sad sight, or a surprise snow storm snapped your plant in two, you never think it'll happen until it does. That's why we have Plant Insurance.

What is Plant Insurance?

Skip the plant stress and focus on the joy of growing your own fruit. Shrubb Plant Insurance can be added to every plant you buy as an optional insurance that covers the first year of your plant's life with you. If your plant dies or fails to leaf out within the first year of receiving your order, you can submit a request for a hassle-free replacement. Simply send us an email with your order number and a photo (or a few) of your dead plant to redeem your replacement plant. 

We will help you identify if your plant has died and what went wrong. This will help us to create a more customized care plan to look after your replacement.

Terms and Conditions:

Plant Insurance covers up to 1 replacement plant within the first year of the date you received your plant. Shipping costs excluded. Plant Insurance must be purchased before your order ships to be eligible to replace those plants.

Insurance Type: Large Plant Insurance

There are two levels of

Plant Insurance Coverage

As our plants vary in price, we have made two tiers of plant insurance to keep prices lower for people looking to insure their smaller plants. Make sure to purchase the plant insurance that covers your specific variety.


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