Our Roots

Meet the family behind Shrubb: Rye, James, and Bridget Owen. The idea for Shrubb first arose when Bridget, James’ sister, reached out to James and Rye, husband-and-wife and owners of Raintree Nursery, for gardening help. She recently moved to a small apartment in Italy with a tiny little balcony, and she wanted to start her first edible garden. After what felt like hours of advice on what types of soil to buy, what pots to avoid, which fertilizer is best for each type of plant, etc., she finally said "could you guys just send me whatever is best, and give me some really straight forward care instructions?" And so, we set to work on demystifying the ancient practice of growing food at home.

The Experiment

The process of creating Shrubb is really an ongoing experiment. Thanks to the knowledge and resources of having Raintree Nursery at our back, we have had great success so far, but we don't know everything yet. We've rolled up our sleeves, dug into the dirt, and sacrificed a few plants along the way (sorry, plants!) Our goal is to bring the best product and experience to you, but we are still learning too. If you're interested in being part of the oldest experiment on earth, get your gardening gloves on. Let's grow together!

"At Shrubb, we believe that the simple pleasure of gardening shouldn't be
compromised for the modern lifestyle."

Our Mission

In the midst of the pandemic, we observed a heartening return to traditional crafts and gardening. As friends reached out with a desire to grow their own edible wonders, we saw common hurdles: cramped urban living, stringent rental agreements, and the overwhelming investment of time and resources required. At Shrubb, we believe that the simple pleasure of gardening shouldn't be compromised for the modern lifestyle. We embarked on a mission to bring the joy of growing back to everyday life. No more sacrificing age-old traditions for the sake of urban living—we're here to make the journey from seed to harvest accessible, enjoyable, and fuss-free.

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